In Studio with Dick

We’ve recently started an upgrade process at work to repair, replace and update our in-house equipment supply. Part of that upgrade included finally getting some studio strobes to work with - 5 of the Paul C Buff Einstein E640s with a variety of modifiers to be specific. 

Up until recently, I’ve mainly shot all of my studio work with a variety of different hot lights (or natural), so, it’s been a bit of learning experience to make the switch. As part of the process, while testing a new setup, I grabbed the best looking guy in the office… Richard Pergler. A company staple, a wordsmith, a Cleveland Indians super fan, or, perhaps most appropriately, the master brewer of one of the finest espresso in the North East United States - No matter what you call him, Dick is one of the best portrait subjects you could ask for. 

Of the ten frames that I snapped of Dick (let’s face it, he’s an important man and who am I to waste his time?), these three were my favorites. A single light setup, these were all lit with an Einstein E640 in an 4’ Octabox above and slightly off axis. The background is a simple V-flat and the final images were toned and processed in Photoshop CC. 

So far… I’m pretty happy with these new lights and some of the possibilities they open up for my photos. I’m sure some new images and lighting setups will be coming soon. 


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