Charlie - One year

It’s hard to believe, but this past Saturday was Charlie’s first birthday. We had a big blowout at the house in celebration of one of the best/most challenging years ever. We approached the first birthday not only as a celebration for Charlie but a celebration of the fact that we were able to raise this tiny human through her first year of life - something we really could have only done with the help of all of our family and close friends who were there to help when we had no idea what we were doing (which, honestly, was most of the time for the first few months). So while the party really was for Charlie, it was also a thank you to all those who’ve been there with us throughout this past year (which explains the amount of alcohol we had available).

Without getting too sentimental, I have to say that having Charlie around has been a real game changer. It’s been an amazing (yet exhausting) experience watching her change so much over such a short period of time. She’s gone from a tiny, mushy cuddle-puddle who relied on us for everything to a slightly less tiny, much more mobile diva with a giant personality and a lot to say. Her one year likes include a new bike, which she likes to ride or just push in circles. The sweep-sweep, which she loves to run with mom or grandma. Her two favorite books - Pout Pout Fish and Hop on Pop. And of course giving hugs - sometimes to mom and dad, but always to any other kid she can get her hands on.

To close out the first year of Charlie Bear photos, I’ve decided to repost her monthly glamour shots so you can fully take in her development of sass over time. Enjoy.

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