35 Weeks

Every week is starting to feel like it’s getting a whole lot closer to baby time. Sunday marked 35 weeks and with the big warm-up to 20º we headed down to the park and found this great little spot for our week 35 photos.It was slightly more comfortable than last week’s -20º wind chill, but, I think Tiffany is ready for some indoor photos sooner than later.


A Very Cold Week 34

This Sunday (a very cold Sunday) marked 34 weeks. I originally suggested that we attempt to find a place to shoot these photos indoors, but, Tiffany had different plans. Decked out in leather pants and a red lip this lady braved the -30 degree wind chill to get these shots… and I think I was more uncomfortable than she was. In fact, after hopping back in the car to check out the first round of photos (which she didn’t love) she insisted on some wardrobe modifications before getting back out for a round two.


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