Dani - Expired Polaroid Type 59

A few months back I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to purchase a portion of a batch of expired Polaroid Type 59 that was for sale on Ebay. Another great analog photographer (Kyle Michaels) led the charge of purchasing a large lot of the film and was nice enough to offer me the chance to purchase a share for myself. I’ve shot a decent amount of black and white large format instant films over the past couple of years, but, haven’t until now had the chance to shoot any of the old color stock.

While I haven’t shot a lot of this film yet (at least successfully) there are a few photos that have ended up being decent. One of those shots, featuring Danielle, can be seen below. This particular image was shot in studio with a constant light set up. The 80 iso film was rated down to about 40 (ish) and exposed using a Graflex Crown Graphic 4x5 setup.


Today’s gallery is a prime example of what I meant yesterday when I talked about being able to share a larger quantity of photos from a shoot that may or may not normally all hit my site or social media. While I surely have posted a few of these images already, and will likely post more, this is a prime space for me to share an entire gallery so that the work can be viewed more like an editorial. A cohesive set of images. Something I’ve been trying to do more and more lately.

The images below were all taken during my second shoot with Danielle, a local Cleveland model signed with Taxi Model Management, as part of a submission that we are hoping to get into Next Door Model Magazine. The submission process hasn’t been completed yet, but, our first set of images have already faired pretty well on the submission section of another magazine, Arsenic (which, if you haven’t already, you should probably like, share and gush over).

More work coming soon. Stay tuned and enjoy.

New Blog, New Camera, New Baby (soon)

Many moons ago, I ran a little blog over on Blogspot called Exposure Compensation where I would share much of my work. Most often it was different instant films and reviews of those films with an occasional digital image sprinkled in. Since starting this site, I haven’t really kept up with that blog and really wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue it’s upkeep knowing that this site offered by a bloggin’ opportunity that was more closely tied to my main page. Long story short, I’ve finally decided to make the transition.

Unlike my previous blog, I hope to allow this page to feature more of my digital work without completely ditching my desire to showcase my film and instant film. While this new and upgraded website (thanks to Format.com) is far superior to my prior website, there is a limited number of photos that I can post to each gallery before I have to take down old content for the new. This included blog feature, however, seems to be a nice way to consistently update my site with current and ongoing work in-between entire site overhauls and gallery updates.

So, if you’re madly in love with all my work and can’t get enough, feel free to follow this page for some images that you may not otherwise see on all my other social platforms. I try to update those as often as possible, but sometimes not all images from a session make it out into the world. Hopefully, this will be the place where I can make that happen a little more often.

All that being said, on to my first images. With a new baby on the way, I decided to finally get myself a portable digital camera to keep on hand when I’m without a DSLR. After a bunch of research, I decide to go with the Panasonic Lumix LX-100. I haven’t taken a ton of photos with this little guy yet, but, I did do a little impromptu snow-day shoot with my expectant wife this past weekend. I figured what better way to start the new blog then by sharing those images. Enjoy.

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