39 Weeks

We are officially in week 39, which means that this upcoming Sunday is our official due date. It also means that this next week or two is going to crawl by. Either way, we’re both pretty excited for what’s to come and to meet our little girl. Whenever she decides to join us will be the perfect time. 

These images were all taken in the new nursery that we finished up this winter. Digitals were taken with the Panasonic LX 100 and the black and white image was taken on large format Fuji FP-3000B45 film and shot with a Crown Graphic. 


38 Weeks

This weekend marked 38 weeks. Saturday was a bit warmer weather than we’ve been having recently, so, we decided to go on a walk through the Cleveland metro parks. Of course for my wife who’s 38 weeks pregnant, a short walk is at least 4 miles. It was a foggy, dreary sort of day and the park had a lot of flooding, but, it ended up being rather peaceful as the road closures stopped all traffic from running throughout major sections of the park. We could have used another 5-10 degrees of warmth, but after the winter we’ve had it’s hard to complain about being able to get outside for a bit.


Cleveland Fog

Yesterday was probably the foggiest day that I have ever seen in downtown Cleveland. Driving into the city, crossing the Detroit Superior bridge, was like driving into a void. I figured that like most fogs it would burn off pretty quickly, but around lunch I realized it had actually gotten thicker. Naturally, I decided to spend most of my lunch hour with a camera wondering around downtown.

This time around, I found myself airing on the side of street photography. I’ve always been a huge fan of great street photography and have always had great respect for those who do it well. I am by far not the best when it comes to catching people on the street, but the foggy landscape yesterday led me to giving it a go. Not all ended up as nice as I would have liked, but the ones I did capture… I think turned out alright. I could be biased though. Luckily I captured some other still and architectural favorites as well to help fill out the gallery.


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