Cleveland Fog

Yesterday was probably the foggiest day that I have ever seen in downtown Cleveland. Driving into the city, crossing the Detroit Superior bridge, was like driving into a void. I figured that like most fogs it would burn off pretty quickly, but around lunch I realized it had actually gotten thicker. Naturally, I decided to spend most of my lunch hour with a camera wondering around downtown.

This time around, I found myself airing on the side of street photography. I’ve always been a huge fan of great street photography and have always had great respect for those who do it well. I am by far not the best when it comes to catching people on the street, but the foggy landscape yesterday led me to giving it a go. Not all ended up as nice as I would have liked, but the ones I did capture… I think turned out alright. I could be biased though. Luckily I captured some other still and architectural favorites as well to help fill out the gallery.


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