Charlie - 4 Months

Sunday marked 4 months for Charlie, and we celebrated by shooting her 4 month photos on the beach. This babe loves spending time outside and looked like a natural soaking up the rays. 

This month Charlie is back to enjoying her baths, has mastered not only the front-to-back roll but also the back-to-front and she still tries constantly to sit herself up from the lying position. She’s an extremely smiley girl with lots of laughs and she loves to tell stories. Her new favorite tunes are The Itsy-Bitsy Spider and Twinkle Twinkle.  

And in case anyone was wondering what these shoots really look like - it’s not all fun and games. Despite the adorable photos I usually post, this is the look Charlie’s usually throwing me during her photo shoots. Her Diva game is strong. Enjoy. 

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