Chelsea - Expired Polaroid Type 59

This past weekend I had the pleasure of shooting with Chelsea, a model that I’ve not shot with previously. We’ve attempted to schedule a shoot together multiple times, but my busy schedule and the lovely Ohio winter weather has made it difficult.

Since it is still a bit too cold to shoot outside, I was once again relegated to the studio… which by this time of year I’m just about over. Give me warm weather and natural light, I say. The studio is, however, the perfect place to work with my Crown Graphic and some of the expired Polaroid Type 59 stock I have. This films color, at least for me thus far, does much better under tungsten light than daylight - though I’m sure temperature has also played a little bit of a role in my tests so far.

The two images below were my only exposures for the day, but they both came out really well. Probably the best exposure, color and clarity that I’ve gotten out of this film. These were lit with tungsten hot lights in a cove style lighting. I metered this film at about 40 iso and then opened up about a half stop further than my initial reading. I also bumped the shutter speed from 1/4 to about 1/2 second. This film loves light and I’ve found it best to just meter and then overcompensate my exposures a bit and go from there… I’m not big on using exact science.


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