Double Vision

Recently, I’ve been looking for new ways to collaborate with different artists - other photographers, makeup artists, models I haven’t worked with previously, etc. To me, the collaboration with another photographer was especially important. I’ve noticed a lot lately that within the field it seems overly competitive - photographers like to downplay the skill of someone else, they criticize their style, say “I could have done that better,” and guard the “how-to” of their own style because they don’t want anyone to mimic them or learn anything from them. Personally, I think we all get better when we realize we aren’t the best and we aren’t the only. Learning something from someone else is good, being able to help someone else achieve something they haven’t before is even better. The artist community should be just that - a community. 

In that vein, this particular project was born - a collaboration between myself, another photographer, two fantastic models and two very skilled make up artists. The idea of collaboration was simple, but I wanted to be sure that the project would allow both photographers to produce images in their own style individually, not be a collaboration in the sense that we would work on the same image together. To pull that off, I came up with the idea of having us both shoot the same models, in the same looks, with the same makeup in whatever way we wanted. We would each get a turn in the studio, and a turn outdoors. Below are some of the results of a long, fun and collaborative day that allowed me to meet new people and work with some exceptional local artists.

I think that the side-by-side nature of these images and distinctly different approaches we took just serves to elevate everyones work. The images don’t necessarily compete, but compliment in a way that neither of us working solo could have accomplished. I went into this thinking it would be a one time project, but I’m very much interested in expanding the idea and working with other photographers, models and MUA’s as well. If anyone has interest feel free to contact me.

Without further adieu - Enjoy.


Photographers - Timothy Logan & Thomas Sawyer

Models - Julia Titus & Cassie Hoy 

Make up artists - Scott Core (Makeup for Cassie) & Tiffany Oddo (Makeup for Julia)

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